Doctor of Athletic Training: Bio

23 Aug

Ty Colvin   CSCS, FMS,  MS, ATC, LAT

University of Idaho, Moscow

Doctor of Athletic Training Resident

National Military Sports Medicine Training Center

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) State Director of North Dakota


Research interests:

high-risk tactical movement protocols, Human Performance Optimization, Human Factors Engineering, MANPRINT integration, musculoskeletal injury mechanisms and injury prevention.


Focus areas:

Nuclear SWAT occupational profiles (Breacher, Sniper / Nuclear Advanced Designated Marksmen, Assaulter, etc), Security Forces etiology (mechanism of injury), specialized team concepts, sustainment biomarkers for warfighting capability, combat gear research for specialized forces; Military Healthcare Referral Network innovation;  models of quality in military physical readiness & safety.



To establish new paths toward translational Human Performance Optimization research into the operational protective services community.  Athletic Trainers provide objectives which enhance resilience of the war fighter: accelerate recovery, reduce injury and illness, provide seamless knowledge transfer from laboratory to line, improve the human system contribution to mission success, and allow the U.S. to lead in these areas.


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